Welcome to the new PACA Website (and blog!)

While you were out having fun, we did some renovations this summer. Parents and guardians have a new tool to navigate the viking waters. Welcome to the new PACA website!
The goal of the site is to bring transparency and a “hub” to all of PACA’s events, programs and initiatives, while more deeply and consistently bridging the communication between the administrators, faculty, staff with you – our parents and guardians.
We’ve organized our information as we want you to think about how PACA also organizes how it engages parents – through events (one time a year events), programs (ongoing forums, service initiatives) and robust ongoing communications (grade and division level – between the school, teachers, parents and guardians).
A little more detail:
1. You will find permanent pages on our events – Charlie David Dinner, Book Fair, Celebrate the Arts, Spring Gala and the LS Carnival / Ice Cream Social. All of what you need to attend, donate, volunteer will be housed on each of those pages.
2. Each of our programs also has a permanent page. These include the diversity programs (Diversity and Community Life, SEED, HOLA!, MOSAIC, the new group SE Asian Parents), Parent Education and PACA Breakfast Forums (formerly known as the General PACA Meeting), Youth Sports (4/5/6), Graduation Dress Exchange / Senior Party and more.  The work of PACA (board minutes, committee lists) can be found on the ABOUT page.  All of the links you need to attend, register and more will be housed on these pages.
3. Last but maybe most importantly is the blog function, which will provide the opportunity for division, grade and class-level parents to post news updates which will then provide division, grade and class (for LS) news feeds. We will experiment with using our traditional bi-weekly division email updates (usually sent on Sundays) by primarily providing links back to the blog and website. The bottom line: all information now has a home, and it’s not inside an email that may not make it through your spam filter or may get deleted. 
What we won’t host on the site:
Viking Corner has their own site still running strong where you can buy all of your spirit wear at www.vikingcorner.com.
Likewise, we will not attempt to replicate the depth of information on the main school site, columbusacademy.org, the MyBackback site or any of the CA sports information which can be found at https://academyvikings.com.
Plan to bookmark this site and especially your child’s grade links.
It will take us some time to really complete the site and also perfect how and when we post information; we look forward to your feedback as to how to continue to bring you closer to the information you need to navigate these viking waters.
If you have interest in being a contributing writer or photographer, we are looking for a few volunteers to provide some “light reporting” of PACA related forums, events and programs throughout the year.
Please let us know your interest by emailing cavikingparents@gmail.com.
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