Volunteer Opportunities

PACA is a volunteer organization. From the board to committees to event planning to helping to organize clothes and make cookies – there is always a fun way to be involved.
This page will be updated at least monthly, so check back often for the latest needs. And THANK YOU! 
For those who enjoy being hands-on...

"I want to show up and help..."

Click on any of the links below to help at a specific event or time: 
Click on any of these links for ongoing hands-on volunteer work that can fit around your schedule: 
For those who like organizing!

"I want to serve on a committee..."

Contact these chairpeople to volunteer to help organize an event:

Spring Gala – Melissa Kass or Greg Gorospe

Lower School Carnival – Candice Singleton or Jen Neviaser

Parent Education – Sara Wunsch or Kelly Vaziri

Don’t know what you want to do? Fill out the following form and we’ll try to find a match for you! 
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