(US9) Grade News 2020-2021 10/19/2020

PACA 9th Grade Halloween Communication



Hello 9th Grade Parents –

In celebration of Halloween this year, we will be handing out pre-made Halloween treat bags to all the freshmen. Treats will be placed in bags and be distributed via advisory since we are not permitted to set up tables displaying the snacks. To streamline this process, we are asking for parents to donate money instead of purchasing treats and we will assemble the bags. Please consider donating what you would spend on purchasing a bag of candy or bagged chips. Money can be sent via PayPal to vikingsclassof24 (Cassandra Brigdon) by October 24th. The freshman class is also in charge of the spread for the first teachers’ conferences this year which will take place November 4th-6th. We don’t exactly know how that is going to work yet, but will keep everyone abreast of what help we may need.

As always, please reach out to one of us should you need assistance with anything!

Thank you!

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