(US9) Grade News 2020-2021 09/09/20

PACA 9th Grade Welcome!



Dear Class of 2024 Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the first few weeks of high school, 2020 style! Hopefully any glitches you and your students have experienced were minimal, and your households are staying safe and getting into a routine. We wanted to reach out to you to introduce ourselves as your class parents for the school year. See our contact info below. We welcome your questions and concerns, and will our best to send out the information you need. You should have received a Sunday evening email from the US Divisional Parents which includes many reminders and links. You will receive those messages every other Sunday throughout the year. See that email for social media links that you may follow to help you stay on top of all things Columbus Academy.

The big news yesterday came from Melissa Soderberg moving US and MS to 50% capacity effective Monday, September 14. See her email for details. Barring no complications, this schedule goes through October 2.

We will try our best not to be repetitive, and you can always find past grade level emails on the 9th Grade PACA page.

Stay well,
9th Grade Parents

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