(US9) Exam Schedule, US 9th Grade Coffee with Cory Notes and more!!!

9 th Grade Parent Coffee Notes
Friday, December 7

Various members of the upper school administration shared information on the
upcoming exam period and answer questions. So helpful!
Following are some notes from the session:

Some reminders regarding day-to-day 9 th grade
We have great kids! It’s an upbeat and dynamic class.

Some general conduct / guidelines that the kids are expected to follow:

  • no headphones in the lounge area;
  • no eating in the lounge areas;
  • no hoodies in the building;
  • between classes, try to keep noise level low.

We are all (admin, faculty and parents/guardians) together supporting the kids in developing
good habits and behaviors.

Mid Term Exams Coming Up
Exam and Sports Practice Schedule:
Click here for the Full schedule of exams
Click here for the full athletic practices schedule

Leading up to Exams:

Wednesday and Thursday this coming week are exam review days. There will be no
tests or quizzes on these days. Teachers will be giving exam review info and study
topics in the coming days.
Teachers will regularly have office hours. Encourage your kids to go to those hours
if they have any questions.

During Exam Week:
Dress code is required for exam week.
The school will be open during regular hours. This will allow for kids who need to /
want to stay for the full day to be able to do so.
Friday and Wednesday, lunch will be available to the kids at the regular 12:30 hour.
Monday and Tuesday, brunch will be available starting at 10:00 (between exams).
Some classes for exams are split alphabetically by last name – make sure you go to
the right classroom; Extended time room(s) will be in the library and Spanish

Coming and going:
There will not be formal sign-in on exam days. Students should report to their exam
room and their attendance will be recorded there.
When students leave, they should check their names off on the clipboard outside Mr.
Lasambe’s office (there will be a clipboard for each grade)

What to bring to exams:
Students will be told by their teachers what to bring to the exams. Do bring water
but no ice (too noisy!).

Helpful Hints:
Break studying up into chunks. Allow for breaks.
Do study for all subjects throughout the week (don’t wait until one exam is done to
start studying for the next one).
Get plenty of sleep and eat well.
Stay hydrated.
Get exercise.
Stick with routines that work for you .

A Few More Important Messages
Parents/Guardians: these can be stressful times for the kids. Help them stay calm. Talk with
them about their plan for studying AND for down time to re-charge.
Kids: Don’t sweat the small stuff: each exam is worth only 20% of the mid-year grade
or 10% of end of year grade. Do your best and don’t worry about the rest!

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