(US11) Grade News 10/22/2020

(US11) Grade News 10/22/2020 – Parent Coffee Info



Greetings 11th Grade Parents!

Hello Junior Parents,

We hope everyone survived the first round of grades that came out on Monday and there were some happy surprises. This unusual school year has created new challenges for all involved, so it may take some time for everyone to fully adjust.

We wanted to quickly download you on a few topics that came up in the parent’s coffee this morning incase you were unable to attend. It was a good discussion and there were a number of key takeaways. We will not summarize the whole meeting but here are the highlights.

College Counseling

· Be sure to mark your calendars for the Junior College Counseling Night on November 11th. This will be a zoom meeting providing general information that everyone should know and will act as the kick-off to the college process for Juniors. Zoom link to come.

· Please make sure your student has attended a couple of online college visits before the end of the month and has walked you through Maia, which is the college counseling platform. There are multiple colleges providing online visits for CA students each day and that scheduled can be found on the CA Intranet. Even if your student is not interested in the particular schools being offered, it is important to go through the process now as it provides education on how to navigate this space.

· The Khan Academy is a great resource for SAT prep and can be personalized for your student based on how they performed on the recent PSAT. This is a free resource that the College Counseling team wanted to highlight.


· Dr. Losambe asked that parents be vigilant and remind students to keep their standards elevated in regard to social distancing, wearing masks, and following all Covid protocols. Reinforcing this message at home and coupling that with the message at school will help keep all of our circles safe and allow our children to remain on campus.

· Lunch continues to be a focus for the staff and administration and there has been a tremendous amount of planning on how to best feed our children. While the students may not have all the options they have had in the past, the school is dedicated to providing nourishing meals in the safe way possible. There are many grab-and-go options, as well as a hot meal option each day. Lines are spaced six feet apart and meals are designed to keep these lines moving. Recent rains have presented additional challenges and a wood floor has been added to the tent outside the cafeteria for additional seating and to provide cover when queuing six feet apart. Your children are encouraged to get lunch each day, even if that means they may be late for their next class. And if you feel inclined, you may pack a lunch.

School Community

· As many of you know there is education being put in place to help students develop critical awareness and learn how to take care of each other. This effort is to help students feel a sense of belonging and become leaders, whether that is in an outward role or in simple daily tasks and responsibilities. Beckett Broh highlighted a few initiatives in which your students are encouraged to participate.

o CA United brings students and student leaders together to have rich discussion around what they want the upper school culture to be and how they can make that environment a better and more inclusive place in terms of race.

o Community Café is a four-part series that brings student with different protectives together to discuss the election and how we elect our representatives and justices.

Finally, Suzanne Ritter wanted to remind everyone to speak up if there is anything going on with your children and any support you need from the school. These are unprecedented times, and we all need to keep an eye out for one another.

Sorry for the long-winded email, but there were some great topics and information we wanted to pass along. Hope you can make the next parent coffee.


Kristi Carlin and Erica Jones

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