(US10) PACA 10th Grade News 11/4/2019



Hey 10th Grade Parents!

We have good news and bad news:

Good News:
What a fall sports postseason we are having! Smashing Regional and State successes for CA Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Soccer! And to add to all that, our CA Football Team has earned a spot in the Playoffs against Amanda Clearcreek at 7 pm on Saturday, November 9th. Let’s keep showing up to cheer our teams on to victory!

Bad News:
To avoid pulling you in yet another direction, we will be rescheduling our planned November 9th parent gathering to a new date, and it may even be a new location and format, too, so stay tuned:)

For those of you who already rsvp’ed by paying, we will be issuing you a refund, most likely by the same payment method you used to pay.

For other important dates and information be sure to review the PACA Upper School News which can always be found on the PACA Upper School website and 10th Grade-Specific information which can be found on the 10th Grade website.

Thank you and Go Vikes!

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