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Hello again,

Sorry for the additional email. We have a couple of additional notes to add after the Upper School Leadership meeting today.

At the top of the list was a plea for parents/guardians to please contact Jennifer Lange if students are going to be late or absent. Since the school is experiencing waves of illness related absences, it is important to inform the Upper School office. Please call Jennifer Lange at (614) 509-2281 or email at langej.

Other Important Dates

Wednesday, February 12th: Dinner of Great Conversations II (Dining Hall)
Friday, February 14th – Monday, February 17th: Fine Arts Trip
Tuesday, February18th: Upper School breakfast available for purchase (see below)
Monday, February 24th: Sports Practices Begin (see notes below)

Additional Details and Information

Upper School Breakfast
On Tuesday, February 18th, Upper Schoolers who have expressed interest in partaking in this trial program will have the opportunity to purchase breakfast at school from 7:30 – 9:15 am. Breakfast options are to be determined but will probably include breakfast burritos for $1 each, with a limit of 2 per person. Charges for breakfast will be billed to the student account so there is no need for students to bring in money.

Sports Practices
Please note that spring sports practices start on February 24th and athletes are likely have sports practice on the days of conferences. Therefore, parents/guardians may want to hold off on long weekend trips. We may have additional information regarding sports practices as it becomes available.

US Division Parents
Claudia Walter (Karina ’17, Max ’20, Maya ’22)

Jane Yakam (Grace ’18, Abby ’20, Emma ’22, Nicholas ’24)


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