(US) PACA Upper School News 2020-2021

(US) PACA Upper School News 2020-2021



Dear Upper School Families,

Welcome! Hard to believe, but the 2020-2021 school year is just around the corner, as in tomorrow! Molly Carlin and I (Jane Yakam) will be the Upper School Division Parents that will help inform and guide you this year. We will communicate all Upper School events via email at a minimum of every other Sunday. Grade specific communication will be forwarded on as needed by the US leadership team which consists of the following:

Grade 9: Cassandra Brigdon and Jennifer Golden
Grade 10: Monika Arora and Andrea Gross
Grade 11: Kristi Carlin and Erica Jones
Grade 12: Erica Klingerman and Jennifer Nester

All email communication that you will receive from us will be parked on the PACA website for easy access. Please check it out: academyusparents.

As you are all VERY aware, life as we know it has changed. And with that, many changes in the school and our interaction with it will need to evolve too. Below are a few things to keep in mind as we navigate our way through these first few weeks of school.

Dress Code: Students will be trekking around campus outside more than usual, so Upper Schoolers are now permitted to wear sneakers, hiking boots and other appropriate close-toed, low heeled shoes. Also, it would be a good idea to encourage your student to stow a jacket in their backpack as they will be seeing the outdoors more than normal.

Masks: Required. Although masks can be any color or pattern, they must be free of writing or slogans. If a student forgets their mask, a disposable one will be provided that day..yours to keep. Also, keep in mind that no single layer neck gaiters or vented masks are permitted unless the have a cap on the vent.

Lockers: no. Students will bring all of their belongings with them from class to class. If your students has traditionally used their locker as a mini fridge filled with snacks, make sure they pack one in their backpack (no eating in classroom or hallways–outside snacking please).

Parent portal: If you haven’t done so, check out the new parent portal. Myschoolapp has replaced mybackpack. You can access all of the information that was formerly found on mybackpack plus a whole lot more! Click Myschoolapp to access the site.

Visiting the School During the School Day: No, not at this time. If you need to speak to a faculty member, please email them to arrange a call or Zoom meeting.

Key Dates for the Month of August (and into September):

All Day, Every Day: Viking Corner Online Store. Click Vikingcorner. In store hours tbd.
Monday, August 24th-Wednesday, September 2nd: Orientation for each grade (refer to schedule from Division Heads)
Monday, August 24th: Virtual College Visits begin for Juniors
Wednesday, August 26th: Shortened Class Schedule Begins For ALL on Campus and at Home
Wednesday, September 2nd: Senior Parent College Night (virtual) at 7pm
Thursday, September 3rd: Classes Move To Normal Schedule (8:05am-3:20pm)
Thursday, September 3rd: Junior Speeches Begin
Monday, September 7th: Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)

Looking Further Ahead:

Stay Tuned: US Back To School Night — more details will be forthcoming. One will be held virtually with the same oppportunity to meet your student’s teachers.
The Week of September 21st: School Pictures – more details coming.
Friday, October 9th: Charlie David Dinner (Virtual)
We’re very grateful our 800+ student athletes get to play this year! Although CA’s annual athletic fundraiser, the Charlie David Dinner, will take place virtually this year, our student athletes still need our support. The committee is working hard to create a stellar silent auction that will go live in early October. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, if you have a silent auction item to offer, please email charliedavid.paca by September 20th, 2020 with item details and value. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of our student athletes!

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