(US10) Notes from 10th Grade Coffee with Cory Izokaitis Friday, August 31

10th Grade Coffee with Cory and US Team Summary 


Cory Izokaitis’s comments: 

  • Encourage your son/daughter to get involved in something they haven’t done in the past (e.g. Try out for the play, play a sport, join Science Olympiad, In the Know, etc.) 
  • Great start to the year so far 
  • If your son/daughter will be/is driving to school, he/she needs to see Mrs. Lange for a hang tag for their car and to be registered as a driver at the school.  



Dr. Suzanne Ritter’s comments: 

  • Grateful CA has 3 full-time mental health counselors at the school 
  • 10th graders often feel a bit more settled, more confident, some are driving 
  • 10th graders may be stressed and sometimes the risky behavior kicks up 
  • As parents, we can support our sons/daughters by not just focusing on their grades or what they did that day. Instead, praise their effort, hard work, good habits. It’s important to help them process how to handle mistakes and how to understand their emotions. Kids need to recognize their feelings and also how they don’t have to “sit in these feelings”.  
  • As parents, we should do more listening instead of talking. Be ok sitting with silence while we wait for an answer. Ask your child, “what’s going on?” or “how can I help you?”.  



College Counseling Team’s comments: 

  • Joan Young (youngj@columbusacademy.org) is our main point of contact for questions, requests, etc.  
  • Advice to 10th grade parents: get comfortable with ambiguity. Let the process of applying and selecting colleges unfold with the help and support of the College Counseling team. 
  • All 10th grade parents and students are encouraged to attend the College Preview Night in March that details what the next 2 ½ years look like for students and parents (letter was emailed to parents in August from Joan if you need to search for it in your Inbox).  
  • Few coffees in winter to also attend about athletic recruiting, financial aid, and standardized testing. Again, refer to letter emailed to you from Joan Young a couple weeks ago. 
  • In April, each 10th grader meets with either Darnell Heywood, Craig Dow, or Jen FitzPatrick to conduct academic planning. They’ll review the class choices, discuss the best time for standardized testing prep and the best time to take the SAT, etc. 
  • All 10th grade students take the PSAT in October (10/10). The test is designed for juniors, but CA has the 10th grade students take the test for the experience. The results are not sent anywhere; it’s just a practice test. Our sons/daughters were already given a practice SAT book to review prior to taking the test 10/10. The students will not have regular classes that day, but can stay for lunch if they want/need to. Students are released earlier that day because they’re usually spent after the test. 



Craig Dow’s comments: 

  • Encourage son/daughter to advocate for themselves (e.g. if he/she has 3 tests scheduled in one day, encourage your son/daughter to talk to one of the teachers about taking one of the tests on a different day.)  
  • The Upper School (US) teachers write our son/daughter’s recommendation letters, so encourage positive relationships with their teachers. 
  • September 11th is the end of the drop/add period. Students may adjust their schedule up until 9/11 by emailing Mr. Dow or talking with him. 
  • Cory chimed in that we may be hearing a rumble about Chemistry because it’s a very different science than our kids have taken in the past.  



Pascal Losambe’s comments: 

  • CA takes a very serious stance regarding drugs, alcohol, vaping, Juuls on the campus. As parents, we should ensure our kids know serious consequences will follow if school learns of any of these activities happening on campus. 
  • Being on time is a critical life skill. Students are marked tardy if they check in after 8:00am. (NOT 8:05AM) 
  • After 3 tardies, students will serve detention and miss their extracurricular activities. 
  • When multiple activities are taking place during the school morning (e.g. conferences, coffees with parents, etc. and the carpool line is exceptionally slow/long, they make exceptions for the students if checking in after 8:00am). Same applies for car accidents or severe traffic. 
  • If student is going to be late or leave the school day early, notify Jennifer Lange no later than 8:00am by either calling her at 614.509.2281 or emailing her at LangeJ@columbusacademy.org. If she isn’t notified by 8:00am, it is an unexcused absence/tardy.  
  • Dress code is important to adhere to or else violations lead to detention.  
  • Simple athletic logos on socks are ok. 
  • Colored/colorful/no-show socks are NOT permitted. 
  • Polo shirts with pockets are acceptable as long as no logo. 
  • Hoodies are not permitted to be worn in the school unless it’s a school spirit day. 
  • Academic integrity violations may be heard before a committee of students, faculty, and administrators.  
  • Dances: will be a new rule that students may not leave before a set end time.  
  • Parents should talk to each other to confirm plans are in place and support each other to ensure the safety of our kids and their fellow students. 
  • Reminder there is a 11pm driving curfew on weekdays for teens and midnight on weekends. 


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