Senior Party Planning Meeting

One week from tonight!



Hello Senior Parents,

There are SO MANY exciting things happening around campus right now! Our Senior athletes have been leading teams to state championships and three big teams are still competing for state titles! In addition to that, it’s concert time and many seniors will be performing in the renovated Schoedinger Theater this week and next! It’s all very exciting!

You know what else is exciting?! Helping to plan the BIG SENIOR SURPRISE PARTY!

Our next planning meeting will take place on Tuesday evening, November 12th at 6:30pm (one week from tonight!). The meeting will be held at Kara Razek’s house (245 N. Drexel Avenue, Bexley) and will include hearty soups and warm breads along with WINE! We promise plenty of food and drink for all that attend! So that we can plan accordingly, please drop a quick email to Kara and let her know you are coming. Just click here: krazek and say “I’ll be there!”

And while we have your attention, let’s send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated candy and snacks for the Senior Lounge Halloween Treats table last week. And an especially HUGE thanks to Senior parents Jane Yakam and Melanie DeAscentis who set it all up and made it look awesome! Here are some pictures of the BOOtiful display:

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday night at Kara’s house for some good food and fun brainstorming!

Donna Raque
Rachel ’20, Kelli ‘24

Kara Razek
Miles ‘20



May 17 1pm, Hennessy, Duebel
May 25 Memorial Day
May 29 Senior Commencement Rehearsal – morning
Senior Class Surprise Party – afternoon and evening
(do not schedule grad parties today)
May 30 11am, K.Reddy, Cahall, Hillmann, Liu
4pm, Ahern
6:30pm, Smith & Vogel
May 31 11am, Seline & Zhang
12n, Yakam, Bernacki, Belford & Kornberg
May 31 4pm, Naguib
June 1 9am, Class of 2020 Graduation!
4pm, Farrenkopf, O’Connor, Priest & Yaw
6pm, Hannallah, Grammel, Neltner & A. Freytag
June 2 6pm, Walter, DeAscentis, Arora & Mitchell
June 3 6pm, Raque & Nichols
June 4 6pm, Edwards & Bettinger
June 5 4pm, Mueller
7pm, Cofer, J. Gokhale, Johnson, Vagabhandu
June 6 11am, Lichten
June 6 6pm, Hunker, Warstler & Chiovaro
June 7 1pm, Leaventon & D. Simpson
June 7 6pm, Brown, Soderberg & Swartz
June 13 6pm, Thomassey, Dunlap & Warren

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