Senior Parents – Coffee With Cory This Tuesday

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Hi Senior Parents,

This Tuesday is our 12th Grade Coffee with Cory at 8am in the Dining Hall.

Head of Upper School, Cory Izokaitis, will speak with Senior Parents for about an hour and fill us in on everything we can expect this year. Then, please make plans to stay at the conclusion of Cory’s remarks when we will share with you all the wonderful ways parents can volunteer to make this the best year ever for our Seniors.

In most all cases we need Senior Parent Volunteers to help on a variety of activities. We will have the complete list on hand to discuss and we hope you will find something fun to help with.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday morning! THERE WILL BE COFFEE!

Thank you,

Donna Raque
Rachel ’20, Kelli ‘24

Kara Razek
Miles ‘20

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