May 11, 2023

Dear Academy Parents and Guardians,

THANK YOU! Thank you for having the confidence in us and supporting our collective vision for a Modern Parents’ Association. For those of you that were not in attendance at our final PACA Forum of the school year on May 10th, all present voted in support of the PACA Executive Committee’s recommendation to dissolve our separate 501(c)(3) and close our charity in the State of Ohio.

What will you see next year? A positive team that is excited to focus on our community. A team that wants to bring you all together in many of the same activities that you have come to know and love from PACA – Charlie David Dinner, Book Fair, Faculty Appreciation, Kids4Kids Service Projects and so much more.

As we near the end of the school year, we wanted to share some PACA highlights from this past year.

In our Lower School, we had 28 amazing room parents and 16 grade parent volunteers. We delivered snack daily and hosted a roller skating party for the entire Lower School where over 400 students, parents and faculty attended.

In Middle School we supplied treats for Halloween, Valentines Day, Naval Battle and compostable snacks for Earth Day. Our parents also volunteered at the Middle School dances.

Can you see a trend? We feed everyone across campus!

Our Upper School also received treats for holidays as well as exam survival bags and they will get a post exam treat on the last day of school. So many special activities happened for our seniors throughout the year – activities between our seniors and their kindergarten buddies (our personal favorite!), supporting Senior Lock-In – who would think being locked into school overnight would be so much fun?! Breakfasts, luncheons and we can’t forget the super secret and fun senior party at the conclusion of the senior year.

Our monthly PACA Forums featured different speakers from across Columbus Academy. We featured our arts programs and sports offerings. We showcased public speaking with some of our third graders sharing their wax museum presentations and a few juniors sharing their junior speeches. School nurses came to talk with us about all of the health protocols of the school and our security director came to highlight all of the procedures that CA has put into place to keep our entire community safe.

For our Modern Parents’ Association to be successful, we need YOU! We need volunteers to help support all the activities across campus. We invite all of you to share your ideas and suggestions for upcoming community events. Please send your thoughts to pacapresidents.

At our last PACA forum, we also voted in our new leadership for the coming school year:

PACA President Gabriela May
Vice President Ellie Merritt Zeiger
Budget Manager Sara Kate Hill
Secretary/Communications Carrie Stieg
LS Parent/Guardian Bonnie Rueber, Katherine Mallory
MS Parent/Guardian Michelle Stoughton, Kamy Bhalla
US Parent/Guardian Heather Hunter, Amanda Lee

The vote was unanimous in support of this amazing team and we wish them well in their new roles for the 2023-2024 school year.

We have been having a lot of fun while working hard to support our students, faculty, and staff. PACA deeply appreciates all that you as CA parents and guardians bring to our organization. As we near the end of this school year, let’s be grateful for each other and the strong bonds within our community. We wish you and your families a safe, restful and fun summer.

In Viking Spirit and farewell,
Robin Hammond (P’23) and Jennifer Nester (P’21,’25)

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