December 11, 2019

Hello 6th Grade Families!

The sixth grade Naval Project will be held next Thursday December 19th in the school pool. All parents are invited to watch the activities unfold on the pool balcony, the schedule is as follows:
9:20am – Students meet on deck.

9:25am- Cardboard Boat Science Challenge.

9:35am – STAGE 1 -Boat Testing Stations.

11:00am – STAGE 2 – Naval Race.

11:40pm – STAGE 3- Naval Battle.

12:00ish – Project concludes.

*These are not exact times, but a best guess based on previous years. After the project ends the students will head to the cafeteria for lunch. In celebration of the conclusion of the project we would like to provide the students with special treats and drinks. If you are able to bring something please sign up here

For other important dates and information be sure to review the PACA Middle School News which can always be found on the PACA Middle School website and 6th Grade-Specific information which can be found on the 6th Grade website. Don’t forget to check out the 6th Grade Twitter page at CAgrade6.

Thank you and Go Vikes!

Toni Maroo

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