(MS) Bi-Weekly Update 2.19.19

Greetings Middle School Parents and Guardians:

Hope you are enjoying the many ecosystems of Ohio weather this long weekend!

First, Dr. Ritter’s earlier email today summarized the parent ed program with Catherine Steiner-Adair on Wednesday night (2/20) at 7pm. It will be a very worthwhile use of your time. RSVP to Kelly Vaziri kdvaziri@aol.com.

Also worth attending! Next Sunday’s (2/24) Black History Month celebration presented by Mosaic in the Dining Hall from 230-530pm. Details are here. 

Next, a NEW sports announcement! For any student (boy or girl) that wants to test out baseball or brush up on their skills, the PACA Youth Sports committee with CA Baseball has set up a free clinic with Coach Todd Dunkle starting next Sunday and the subsequent 2 Sundays from 2-4pm at CA. RSVP to Scott Gurwin drgurwin@gmail.com by 2/22. You don’t need to have any skills but do need a baseball mitt and gym shoes. The details are housed on this PACA Youth Sports page as well.

Don’t forget food! Please sign up to help provide treats to the teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences at the end of the month. Your donations are very appreciated! And don’t forget to sign up for the conferences, too, where only parents attend this time.

For 7th Grade Parents: Please RSVP to the parent party next Saturday. Check your email for an EVITE or email Natalie Swartz with your RSVP. The grade parents are providing a variety of chili, please bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage to share.

For 6th Grade Parents: Remember if you have a ski club kid and a FNA participant, they will have to make a tough choice this Friday which one to attend with the rescheduled ski club. Sorry about that – we avoided there being a conflict every FNA night this year like there had been in the past! (If you see your grade parent Cari Kass, thank her for that!).

The Viking Corner is in need of new volunteers! If you would like to help out on Wednesdays, please email Sabrina Stanek at vikingcorner@icloud.com.

Speaking of clothing – don’t forget the Clothing Closet is a good resource if you are in need of any transition clothing (like your children grew over the winter and the skirts or pants are too short?). Donate what doesn’t fit, take what does.

No school tomorrow, as if we needed to remind you!

Have a great week everyone.

Ruth and Robin


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