February 26, 2023:  Black History Month Event

more details to come!






If you haven’t already signed up, please consider volunteering to assist with at least one of the following upcoming events:

CLICK HERE to sign up for one of the following:

  1. February 26th, 2023: Black History Month Event
  2. April 30th, 2023: End of year Celebration




January 6, 2023
Check back later this week for images and video from our first ever MOSAIC Wine and MakerSpace Winter Social!


August 27, 2022
Thank you to the many volunteers that offered their time, snacks, meals, set up, clean up crew, and the many more who attended to socialize, reconnect and welcome new families into our community. We heard great feedback and we look forward to more opportunities to grow and get together. 



MOSAIC is an organization for parents of students of African descent interested in continuing Columbus Academy”s diversity efforts and works to foster a more inclusive school community. Our mission is to:

  • Ensure our children are getting the most from their Columbus Academy experience;
  • Be resources for ourselves and our children as well as for parents/families of prospective students;
  • Expand our role in increasing diversity at Columbus Academy through services and outreach, and educational cultural and philanthropic endeavors;
  • Broaden our own awareness of the diverse cultures within society, and specifically, within the Columbus Academy community; and
  • Share our diverse cultures and experiences among ourselves and our children, and with the larger Columbus Academy community.

This is done through services and outreach, and educational cultural and philanthropic endeavors. MOSAIC often hosts discussion forums and activities that promote understanding and community building. MOSAIC is also involved in helping plan school events for MLK Day and Black History Month.

MOSAIC Leadership Team, 2022-2023
Theresa Ankamah, Co-chair (P ‘26/’31) 
Alicia Donaldson, Co-chair (P ’23)
Natasha Davis, Treasurer (P ’25)
Patricia Abbey-Mensah, Secretary (P ’29)