On behalf of the MOSAIC Leadership team, we are excited to welcome all our families (familiar and new faces) to the Columbus Academy and MOSAIC Community! We hope your transition to school has been a smooth one. We cannot believe it has been almost two weeks since school started.  Let us tell you a little bit about MOSAIC and why joining this affinity group is so crucial to the success of your children and the school.

MOSAIC, which stands for Mobility, Opportunity, Social Equity, Action, and Impact for Our Children, is an organization for parents of students of African descent at Columbus Academy. It is focused on serving our families, students, and CA at large.

MOSAIC provides a community for our children and families.  It is so wonderful for our children to see themselves now and in the future. This affinity group does just that for our children. 

In line with engaging everyone, please complete THIS GOOGLE FORM with your communication preferences for this upcoming academic year.  


MOSAIC Leadership Team, 2022-2023
Theresa Ankamah, Co-chair (P ‘26/’31) 
Alicia Donaldson, Co-chair (P ’23)
Natasha Davis, Treasurer (P ’25)
Patricia Abbey-Mensah, Secretary (P ’29)



Our goal for this year is to continue to provide meaningful programs for parents, students, and opportunities for engagement amongst families.  We cannot achieve this alone, and we ask for your active involvement. We are keenly aware of how busy everyone is, and so we are providing flexibility in how you can participate and welcome your ideas and feedback. We have 4 main programs planned and ask for your help by signing up to at least one or more events to organize and execute based on your availability, time, and resources. We rely heavily on our village, and we know MOSAIC isn’t possible without the strength of its membership. We are asking EACH family to volunteer to assist with at least one event.

CLICK HERE to sign up for one of the following:

  1. September 9th, 2022: Welcome back Tailgate
  2. September 24th, 2022: Black Alumni Luncheon
  3. December 10th, 2022: Social Event 
  4. February 26th, 2023: Black History Month Event
  5. April 30th, 2023: End of year Celebration

MOSAIC is an organization for parents of students of African descent interested in continuing Columbus Academy”s diversity efforts and works to foster a more inclusive school community. Our mission is to:

  • Ensure our children are getting the most from their Columbus Academy experience;
  • Be resources for ourselves and our children as well as for parents/families of prospective students;
  • Expand our role in increasing diversity at Columbus Academy through services and outreach, and educational cultural and philanthropic endeavors;
  • Broaden our own awareness of the diverse cultures within society, and specifically, within the Columbus Academy community; and
  • Share our diverse cultures and experiences among ourselves and our children, and with the larger Columbus Academy community.

This is done through services and outreach, and educational cultural and philanthropic endeavors. MOSAIC often hosts discussion forums and activities that promote understanding and community building. MOSAIC is also involved in helping plan school events for MLK Day and Black History Month.

Webmaster: Gwen Nzimiro (P '29 / '32)