Hello Middle School families!
Cheers on the final few days of school! A few things for you:
1. Thank you to everyone who donated to the class funds, class trips, and breakfasts last week! The students had a safe and fun week thanks to all of you and our super and flexible faculty. The faculty who accompanied our students on their trips were all given dining gift cards on Friday from each grade and they were so thankful!
2. Next week schedule for Middle School is noon dismissal Tuesday – Thursday.
3. As the year comes to an end, please feel free to reach out to your children’s teachers, advisors, specialists, and administrators to recognize their work this year in any way you feel comfortable.
4. We would love your feedback about our Middle School activities from this past year, what your children loved, liked, appreciated etc. It will help us plan for what PACA does for Middle School next year. Feel free to reply to this email with any comments or suggestions!
5. PACA positions for next year: Would you love to be involved with Middle School PACA next year? We are looking for the roles of 7th Grade Parent and 8th Grade Parent. It is very flexible. We usually meet virtually or in person to plan a few events for the kids during the school year, an event for parents for each grade, and help support the faculty if they need anything during the school year. Please email Teresa Bowman @ teresambowman@gmail.com if you are interested. It is a lot of fun!
6. Thank you from all of us for a wonderful year! We have enjoyed our time together and wish all of the 8th grade families well as they move onto Upper School! Have a safe and lovely summer!

Thank you!

In Viking Spirit,

Julie Woods (Patrick ’26, Jack ’26, Caroline ’30)
8th Grade Parent

Teresa Bowman (Griffin ’27, Camille ’29, Addy ’33)
7th Grade Parent

Katy Malhame (James ’28, Josie ’30)
6th Grade Parent

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