All about PACA


 PACA was formed in 1973 as the “Mother’s Association of Columbus Academy” and represents, and is now run by parents/guardians of Columbus Academy students. If you are a parent/guardian of a student enrolled in Columbus Academy, you are a member of PACA! We invite you to be involved!


PACA’s impact on the school to provide funding for non-core operational expenses has significantly enriched the CA community throughout its over-45 year history. Click here to read about recent grants and impacts on our CA community. 

Org and Governing Structure

 PACA is organized with a board that has parent representation across all CA Divisions. The general Board consists of Executive Board members and Board members who lead various initiatives and events hosted by PACA  throughout the year. For more information, click here to review the PACA Bylaws approved May 13, 2020.

PACA Board Meetings

 The PACA Full Board meets two times per year. The PACA Executive Board meets the third Wednesday of each month unless there is a conflict with a holiday or CA in-service day. Meetings for both begin just after drop-off at 8 am. Minutes of each meeting and general PACA Community forums are provided here.

If you would like to attend a PACA Full Board or Executive Board meeting, please email us here. 

Events and Programs

PACA organizes various events and programs throughout the year, some of which raise funds and some foster parent/guardian involvement and education about issues that are important to the CA school environment. Fundraising Events include the Charlie David Dinner, Celebrate the Arts, the Spring Gala, the Book Fair and Sidewalk Sale at the LS Ice Cream Social. Programs include but are not limited to diversity groups, community service projects, parent education and youth sports (4th/5th/6th). 


PACA Division Parents work with CA Division Heads to identify room parent volunteers and facilitate communication between the staff and parents, while also meeting with the Division Heads to publish important information bi-weekly. Multiple communication channels are used (email, facebook, etc) and all updates reside on this site on the blog which feed specific division and grade-level dedicated pages. See how the three main PACA communications positions are structured.

Finally, an important part of the CA community is developing relationships between parents at the grade level. Grade parents organize opportunities for parents of a given grade to get out and socialize with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.


PACA leads a number of parent groups focused on exploring diversity opportunities and issues at CA while also providing structured affinity groups that highlight the diverse representation of people at CA and provide a space to share common experiences. We encourage you to learn more about diversity at Columbus Academy.