Community Service

Food Drive begins Wednesday, October 21st and ends Wednesday, October 28th

Due to Covid protocols Kids-4-Kids will be a week-long food drive this year, but there will be no clothing or toy drive. Even though this year’s Kids-4-Kids is truncated, the service department is intent on maintaining the service-learning aspect of the project. Although all grades cannot participate in the same way, there will be opportunities to learn about and/or help with the food drive.

For our “Food Drive 2.0” we are asking every student to bring in two items. The food drive donations can be dropped off by the kids in LS classrooms and MS/US advisory rooms. Please see the flyer for more information and for suggested items.

The donations will be used to put together a week’s worth of meals for 30 families in need chosen by staff at The Childhood League and Royal Manor Elementary.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in making this a success!

If you have any questions, please contact PACA Service Chair, Kimberly Allison at

Food Donations:  All non-perishable food items are accepted.  Please make sure containers and cans are not dented or past the expiration date.


Read more below for how Kids 4 Kids has come together in the past

Kids -4-Kids is a school-wide, annual community service project to support 30 families in need from two local schools. Food, clothing, and toy donations are accepted for two weeks beginning at the end of October and ending in early November.

Donations can be dropped off in the shopping carts located at the LS and MS/US carpool circles during the drive. Donations are sorted and set up in a “store” in the athletic lobby. Each sponsoring class will come “shop” in the store for their family. If your child is in a sponsoring classroom (not all classrooms choose to sponsor a family), they are in charge of collecting all the needed items from the athletic lobby “store.” The sponsoring classroom teacher may ask for additional items such as diapers, socks, underwear, and/or pajamas that we may not have received during the drive. Aside from those extra requests from the classrooms, please make all donations through the clothing drive, so we can provide as many items as we can for the kids to “shop.” We want to be sure that all the families receive items, and that all the wonderful items we receive are shared among all our families.

In addition to the donations shopped for by the LS classrooms and the MS/US advisories, we also have some grades taking on specific tasks. The 4th graders will shop for perishable foods to add to the non-perishable donations. The 5th graders will shop for toiletries. The 6th graders are responsible for going through all the non-perishable food donations, and the 7th graders create boxes of meals from those donations.

We try to provide each family member of the 32 sponsored families with one new item, or “wish,” ranging from toys, bedding, toiletries, or other specific wishes.  We call this the “Fill-A-Wish” list.  For anyone interested in helping grant these “wishes,” we set up a SignUp Genius.  Fill-A-Wish donations are anonymous, and you may sign up for as many as you would like.

After all the “shopping” is done, the 8th grade boxes up all of our donations and recreates our “store” during a service day at The Childhood League. More families get to come select items the next day. After this event, all the remaining items are taken to Head Start and Joseph’s Coat to help even more families in our community.

Volunteers, who sort and organize donations, are vital to the success of this two-week drive, so please click on the links above for more information on volunteering.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this service learning project a success!