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Contacts and Links

LS PACA Parents – Amy Gonzalez & Gaby May (Open MySchoolApp for contact information)

Mark Hansen,  Head of Lower School, Room D103
Gabrielle Farrenkopf, Director of Early Childhood Program and Student Services, Room D101
Paul Kegelmayer, Director of Academic Programs, Room D100A
Shaun Ditty, Lower School Counselor, Room D102
Michelle Saling, Assistant to the Head of Lower School, Room D100

LS Division and Room Parent Contacts – To Be Announced 

Additional Lower School Staff Resources

Co-Curricular Rooms
Art Lloyd Cicetti (K-4) Room LC001
Scott Neal (5) Room B

Lower School Library–  Kristen Oeth & Andrea Arner, Room D204

Music – Amy McLaughlin (2-5) Room D216 & Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey (PK-1, 5) Room D219

Orchestra – David Wong Room E102 & Soojin Lee Room E102

Physical Education –  JoAnne Adams, Jeff Warstler, Heather Rakosik, Ron Leach, Craig Yakscoe, and Lori Moore

Science – Dianne Griffin (2-4) Room C008 & Laura King (K-1, 5) Room C014

Spanish – Jane Truffer (3-5) Room D118 & Katie Rentel (PK-2) Room D221

Technology – Mark Mitchell (1-5) Room C007

Reading Specialist – Cyndi Yakscoe Room D229 & Krystal Mitchell Room D229

Speech Pathologist – Adrienne Moser Room D228

Learning Styles Specialist – Alyssa Ashbaugh Room D226 & Heather Levingston Room C016

LS Psychologist – Joe Cantrell Room C010A

Link to Lower School Staff profiles/contact information

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PACA Grade and Room Parents

Viking Corner

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