Diversity & Community Life

Exploring and Celebrating Diversity at CA

 The PACA Diversity and Community Life committee is open to all parents / guardians of CA students. The purpose of the committee is to create a safe space for parents/ guardians, to share diverse life experiences, challenges and opportunities, and collaborate to foster an inclusive and equitable school community. 

All parents / guardians are welcome to attend and discuss topics in diversity through their own eyes and those of fellow parents/ guardians in confidential meetings over the course of the year. Topics touch upon issues and themes that CA students are exposed to throughout the year. 

(Calendar of meetings will be listed below and on the main calendar page – to be entered)

2018/2019 Meeting Dates, Topics and Resources

September 12 – Civil Discourse

  • Gender Box
  • Gender Sexual Diversity (GSD)

APRIL 10 – 

  • Creating Parent Leaders