Class of 2020 – Senior Party Donations Needed

Please help us make this awesome!



Dear Parents of the Class of 2020,

The senior parent committee that has volunteered to organize this year’s Senior Surprise Party has been hard at work all year designing a terrific and unforgettable day of fun and comradery for our Seniors’ final get together. As you know, it’s all very SECRET! So, we can’t even hint at all the cool stuff we have planned, but we can tell you, the entire committee is super excited about it!

There is a cost associated with this event and we are working hard to make it great while being cost conscious. We want to offer prizes and gift cards to add to the fun but there isn’t much left in the budget after renting two buses, two venues, serving lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and activities. To be completely honest, we need more money but we don’t want to raise the cost per student. So, we thought, “What the heck? Let’s ask parents if they are willing to make a donation now to help us with the cost of this event?” With that in mind, we are asking all those who can, to make a monetary donation, between now and March 13th, to help us bring all of our great party plans to fruition. This is completely optional, and donations will not be published anywhere, we just thought we would ask.

No matter the size of your donation, you will still need to pay the regular per student fee in May for your Senior. (As a reminder, Cory Izokaitis will confidentially arrange for the school to pay the cost for any student who may not be able to afford the party price. We want 100% participation from our Seniors!)

So, if you have some spare change, please consider making a donation to the Senior Surprise Party by sending any amount (we accept very small and very large dollar amounts!) to our party treasurer, Rachel Lichten, via:

Venmo: @Rachel-Lichten

Or U.S. Mail:
Rachel Lichten
2488 Bryden Road
Bexley, OH 43209
Checks can be made out to: Rachel Lichten

Deadline to donate is next Friday, March 13th.

A grateful SSP Committee thanks you in advance!

89 days til graduation,

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