Class of 2020 – mid June

Rounding third and heading for home…



Good Afternoon Parents of the Class of 2020,

Although we are not out of of the “covid woods” yet, every day seems to bring a little more good news and we are hopeful our Seniors can have some kind of safe graduation ceremony on July 25th. Keep those fingers crossed while we wait for the official word from CA.

Meanwhile, we are very optimistic that we can gather all the Seniors together for a “condensed” Senior Surprise Party on Friday, July 24th. We say “condensed” because the original plans were to keep the kids all day and up until about 10pm at night. Our new plans, though still in development, will let them enjoy a safe, outdoor lunch experience and then more fun in the afternoon. However, we will call it quits by 6pm, because they’ll all need their beauty sleep to get ready for their graduation ceremony the next morning.

And here is our disclaimer: This is what we THINK we will be able to do. We have to wait for the official word from CA of what will be happening on July 25th before we make official plans for July 24th. But if you could, please keep your Senior’s calendar open on the 24th.

Our Grad Party Google Calendar is working out well, here’s the link again:


You are not able to update the calendar yourself. If you have updates, just email us (or reply to this email) and we will update the Google calendar ASAP.

Speaking of graduation parties (and announcements)…. if you are getting buried in cards and wondering how to recognize each Senior, we have a suggestion. You probably already thought of this, but we wanted to pass along an idea that was passed along to us. If you want to send a monetary gift, we suggest sending a check for $20.20. Get it?! We just thought it was a good idea and wanted to share.

After the link was released to the Senior Video, we realized we had managed to include at east one photo of every sports team’s Seniors EXCEPT boys soccer and wrestling. While that was an innocent oversight, we did want to make it right, so photos of boys soccer and wrestling have been added to the original Senior Video.

Here is a link to a new folder that has the revised Senior Video:


AND BONUS MATERIAL! For all of you who had kids in the Lower School, Donna used to make a class video (not grade video) for Rachel’s class each year, Pre-K through 4th grade. Many of you might still have your DVDs from those days, but now, all the videos have been digitized and can be accessed, downloaded and saved forever as electronic files on your own computer. (Instead of digging through boxes of DVDs you can now dig through files on your computer!) Each of those videos is accessible in the folder link above.

ALSO – the complete recording of the 4th grade music, “Aristocats” is in this folder as well.

That’s all we know right now but we are optimistic that July is going to be a good month for our Seniors!

In Viking Spirit,

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