Class of 2020 – mid June

Rounding third and heading for home…



Greetings Parents of the Class of 2020,

When last we wrote, we said “every day seems to bring a little more good news and we are hopeful our Seniors can have some kind of safe graduation ceremony on July 25th. Keep those fingers crossed while we wait for the official word from CA. Meanwhile, we are very optimistic that we can gather all the Seniors together for a “condensed” Senior Surprise Party on Friday, July 24th.”

Well, one out of two ain’t bad. The school is still trying to create a SAFE ceremony for our Seniors on 7/25. However, after countless hours spent planning and then revising and then re-planning and then re-revising our ideas for a Senior Party, we have finally realized that “it’s not going to happen.”

As one committee member said, “My Dad always told me – when it seems like someone is knocking you over the head trying to tell you something – might be time to listen.”

Another committee member summed it up best, for all of us that have spent almost a year working on plans, “This hurts my heart.”

And it really does.

For those of you that donated money to the party, THANK YOU! Rachel Lichten will be returning your money to you over the next few weeks. And, although, we think many of you would say, “Just donate it to the school,” we do not want to assume anything in these days of uncertainty. We’ll let you have it back and you can do with it as you wish. Thanks again for the incredible generosity that so many of you displayed.

We would like to thank all the parents who worked on the Senior Surprise Party:

Mike Ahern
Sandy Doyle-Ahern
Joerg Duebel
Andrea Grammel
David Grammel
Ginnie Hough
Rachel Lichten
Christine Murry
Gwen Nichols
Polly Reddy
Kristin Sabgir
Natalie Seneviratne
Kelley Simpson
Julie Yaw
Lingying Zhao

It is impossible to count the number of hours the committee spent on this party and we are all so disappointed the we couldn’t make it happen, but we thank them sincerely for all their time, commitment and passion to this event.

In other news, we continue to receive changes, additions and cancellations to the grad party calendar. We’ll keep updating it as people send us changes. Here’s the link again:


In case you missed it last email, here’s the link to the Senior Video and lots of videos from when our Seniors were in the Lower School:


If we have any more news this month, you’ll be hearing from us. Otherwise, all communications about graduation will be coming from Cory Izokaitis.

We hope to see you at graduation (from behind our masks!).

In Viking Spirit,

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