Class of 2020 – FINAL BELL

And just like that…. everything changed.



Dear Parents of the Class of 2020,

Hopefully, by now, you have all read the email from Cory Izokaitis detailing the plans for a Final Bell Drive Through this Friday beginning at 2:50pm. And while we know very little, we think Cory is trying to plan some little surprises along the parade route for the Seniors. The weather looks very promising too.

We hope EVERY Senior gets a chance to participate in this Drive Through. We know the school is going to try to make it special and memorable.

For our part, we are going to ask all of you to DECORATE your cars! Feel free to deck your car out in CA school spirit colors and streamers OR, we think most families we have talked to (us included), are going to decorate in our Seniors “new school colors!” Have your Senior wear their new college t-shirt or sweatshirt for the drive through (just like they would have for Final Bell if they had class). We are planning on stopping in Academy Park (off Cherry Bottom) around 2:30pm and bedazzling our cars with flags and streamers and anything else we can find in this quarantined world. Our cars will probably end up being a mixture of new school colors and old school colors – whatever we can find to make things festive!

Although this Drive Through can feel a bit like a consolation prize, it is up to us, the Senior Parents, to try and make the most of it, by putting on a brave face, a big smile and cheering them onward! Let’s do our best to make this Drive Through something special for our Seniors!

Honking horns and noise makers are welcome, but as we get toward the center of campus, we want to be sure things are quiet so the kids can hear the Final Bells chime.

We hope to see you in the Academy Park parking lot decorating your car Friday afternoon and then we’ll head out for the “drive through” at 2:50pm.

We are still expecting to have big parent tears, so if you need tissues just look for us, we’ve been hoarding them! We’ll toss you a box from 6 feet away!

In “bedazzled” Viking Spirit,

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