Class of 2020 – FINAL BELL Tomorrow

And just like that…. everything changed.



Dear Parents of the Class of 2020,

Well, here it is. Final Bell is tomorrow, and not at all like we had imagined. The school is trying very hard to make this moment as special as it can be, viewed from individual cars, and we are sure they will create some magical memories for our Seniors.

A few parents have asked us if they are supposed to ride in the car with their Senior and the answer is YES! In fact, Cory asked that we drive so that our Seniors can roll down the window and enjoy the moment.

If possible, put your Senior in a seat on the “passenger side” of your car. It matters not if they are front seat or back seat. There will be a video crew along the route (in the US turn around area) and they will try to get a good shot of your Senior listening to the bells. So drive slowly or, better yet, pause there, so they can get a quick shot of your Senior.

The weather is holding out for us and we hope to see every single Senior and their families participate tomorrow. Be sure to have your Senior wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt from their new college.

You will enter and exit from the Cherry Bottom Road entrance, anytime between 2:50pm and 3:30pm.

As a reminder, we’ll be decorating our cars for the Drive Through in the parking lot of Academy Park beforehand and we hope to see you there, maybe putting a flag or streamers on your car from your Senior’s new college, maybe make a sign and tape it on the door with your Senior’s name. etc. While we are decorating, please remember to maintain your social distance. Crying is allowed, hugs are not.

Boxes of tissues will be available, compliments of Donna & Kara!

In Viking Spirit,

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