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Class of 2020 Parent News



Hi Senior Parents,

FOUR months left and counting down! Here’s important news to know now….

Please make plans to join us for a Senior Parent Coffee with Cory – Thursday, February 13th, from 8am-9am in the Dining Hall. Cory is going to tell us everything we need to know about Senior Projects, and then, with the time we have left, she will discuss “items related to the end of Senior Year.” Did we just type that? The end of Senior year???? It’s happening!!!

SENIOR VIDEO – Your Senior’s photos are needed!
At the Seniors Honors Assembly (Friday, May 22nd, we’ll all be invited) a video will play back that honors our Seniors, their Senior year and their time spent at CA. A section of this video includes your child’s baby picture (who is that cute baby?!) followed by their Senior picture (oh my, she grew up to be a gorgeous young lady!). And we need YOU, to select two photos of your Senior, one when they were a baby or very young (up to 3 years old), and another taken their Senior year, and upload them to a special Dropbox file where a video production company will retrieve them and drop them into the Senior video. Here are instructions for uploading your 2 photos:

To Upload Your Photos:
Go to this link:
1. Either a) Drag and Drop your files on to the page and it will capture them; you can drag and drop more than one file
OR b) Click “Choose Files” and locate them on your computer to upload.
** Make sure to upload a senior AND a baby picture. To add a second photo, Click “+Add more files”
2. It will then prompt you to put in a First and Last Name: PLEASE PUT THE FIRST AND LAST NAME OF YOUR STUDENT. Check spelling.
3. Also put in an email for your upload confirmation to go to (no other emails will get sent to you from Dropbox).
4. Hit “Upload”
5. Once uploaded, the screen will say “Thanks! You’re all done.” You are finished! It will ask you for a password to create a Dropbox account, you do NOT have to do this.

Don’t get mad at your computer! If uploading these 2 photos causes you stress, no worries, just email them to us and we’ll do it for you.

Deadline to upload photos: January 31, 2020 – THIS FRIDAY!

Just in case you plan on being a puddle come graduation time (we will be!), you might want to start thinking now about what your Senior will be wearing at their graduation ceremony. Here are the school guidelines:

Graduation attire:
Boys: Students wear dark colored suits or sport coats with white shirts, ties and dress slacks. Dress shoes and dark socks are required.

Girls: Students wear white or off-white one-piece dresses. The dresses should have modest necklines (no cleavage), must not have cut-outs in the bodice, and must not be strapless or off the shoulder. Straps should be at least 1 inch wide, the dress should be below the knee to floor length, and the back of the dress must not dip below the bra line. Dress shoes are required and must be a neutral color such as white, ivory, beige, silver or gold. Hats, gloves and flip-flops are not permissible. Graduation dresses, or similarly formal alternatives, must be approved by the Upper School Office.

Upcoming Winter Sports Senior Nights:
January 31, 7:30pm – Boys Basketball
February 4, 5:30pm – Girls Basketball
TBD – Wrestling


Donna Raque
Rachel ’20, Kelli ‘24

Kara Razek
Miles ‘20



May 17 1pm, Hennessy, Duebel
May 25 Memorial Day
May 29 Senior Commencement Rehearsal – morning
Senior Class Surprise Party – afternoon and evening
(do not schedule grad parties today)
May 30 11am, K.Reddy, Cahall, Hillmann, Liu
1pm, Ahern
6:30pm, Smith & Vogel
May 31 11am, Seline & Zhang
12n, Yakam, Bernacki, Belford & Kornberg
May 31 4pm, Naguib
June 1 9am, Class of 2020 Graduation!
4pm, Farrenkopf, O’Connor, Priest & Yaw
6pm, Hannallah, Grammel, Neltner & A. Freytag
June 2 6pm, Walter, DeAscentis, Arora & Mitchell
June 3 6pm, Raque & Nichols
June 4 6pm, Edwards & Bettinger
June 5 4pm, Mueller
6:30pm, Cooperman, Murry
7pm, Cofer, J. Gokhale, Johnson, Vagabhandu
June 6 11am, Lichten
June 6 2pm, L. Gokhale, Phelps, Valdman
June 6 6pm, Hunker, Warstler & Chiovaro
June 7 1pm, Leaventon & D. Simpson
June 7 6pm, Brown, Soderberg & Swartz
June 13 6pm, Thomassey, Dunlap & Warren

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