Class of 2020 – early May

And just like that…. everything changed.



Hi Parents of the Class of 2020,

Though Final Bell was nothing like we had all originally planned, we gotta say, the Drive Through ended up being AWESOME! That was a lot of fun! And every time we started to get choked up… we just honked our horns and started shouting – it was great!

By now, you should all know that the date for graduation has been officially moved to Saturday, July 25th at 9am. The school is still trying to figure out how it will look and what shape it will take, and those answers won’t be forthcoming until more time passes and they are able to gauge the state of the state. But if it is at all possible to hold a ceremony safely, they will do it!

The Senior Surprise Party Committee has not given up yet either. While there may be a condensed version of the party, if it is safe to do so, something will happen the week of July 20th. More on that in the coming weeks.

A Senior Video is also being created. Under normal circumstances, this would have played at the Honors Assembly on May 22nd, but now we are not sure where it will play. But it will be made! Even if you end up viewing it at home with the family, it will be made available to everyone. And you will be able to download it and keep it forever.

Meanwhile, changes to grad parties have been flying in via email, phone calls and texts. We are try to keep them all straight (see below) but if we missed something, just shoot us an email and we’ll get it right. Below is the latest list. If we are able to do our parties, we will definitely have some overlapping events, it is unavoidable, but unless it is your Senior’s party, the kids are really good about “party hopping” and making the rounds. So don’t be in too big of a hurry to make changes if you see some overlap, it’s fine.

We’ll send more news as things develop. One thing is for sure, things are changing quickly every day!

In Viking Spirit,

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