Class of 2020 – April News

And just like that…. everything changed.



Dear Parents of the Class of 2020,

Never in a hundred, million years would we have guessed a global pandemic would wreak havoc and ruin our kid’s final Senior days at CA. It is still hard to believe.

We have not been avoiding you, we just don’t know anything new since before Spring Break. There is still so much up in the air. We do hope to be back in touch again very soon once the school makes some decisions.

What we do know is there won’t be a Senior Parent Party tonight. Yes, it was originally scheduled for tonight and the weather is beautiful. However, we would like to send a huge thank you to the Bernacki and DeAscentis families who were planning on hosting the party – THANK YOU POLLY, WALT, MELANIE AND MIKE!

AND we know there can’t be a traditional Final Bell next Friday, which means there won’t be a Parent Final Bell Luncheon at the Yakam’s house next Friday. BUT, let’s send out another huge thanks to JANE AND BRAD for offering to hold such a wonderful event for us. Be sure to read the email Cory Izokaitis sent today with some adapted plans that will allow our Seniors to hear their final bell next Friday via a campus drive through.

And while we’re at it, one more BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who made donations for the Senior Surprise Party. Soooo many of you sent in donations and we raised a lot of extra dollars! Of course, now, we’re not sure what shape the party is going to take if it happens at all. We are still hoping to do something, but we may need to adjust our original grand plans. And since this virus has made times tough for a lot of people, please let Rachel Lichten know if you would like your donation returned, it is no problem at all, just email her and let her know: rachellichten

We have had a really terrific committee of parent volunteers who worked a lot of hours planning the Senior Surprise Party – so a huge thanks to all of them too! We still are hoping to do something, maybe close to our original plans, we’ll see. But we will use the extra donation dollars we have to make it extra special. In the event we are unable to do any kind of party, then we will be returning all those donations.

We know the school is working very hard to try and create some special moments for the Seniors still, and those will be communicated to all of us as soon as the school gets the go ahead to make plans.

While a decision has not yet been made to move the graduation date ceremony (we were asked to tentatively hold 7/25 as a back up date), a few families have already started making new, tentative party plans if the graduation date moves. Those are listed below in italics and with a red asterisk*. If you would like to send us new, tentative dates for your child’s party, you can just reply to this email and send the dates to us.

We’ll be back in touch just a soon as we receive more details from CA.

In Viking Spirit,

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