Here’s a roundup of what happened at our first PACA PARENT Forum last Wednesday, September 5th. Plan to attend the next one Wednesday, October 3rd, 8am in the Dining Hall.

Building Improvements

Melissa Soderberg, Head of School, provided a preview of building improvements that were about to be announced in an email to parents:

*New Play Space for 3-Year-Olds, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

This will be open soon–located just beyond the bus circle. A nature theme is planned, with creek bed water feature, wooden huts, balance bikes, and a climbing boat. 

*Schoedinger Theater Renovation

A balcony will be added to increase seating capacity. Other updates will include all new seats throughout, improved lighting and sound, and acoustical panels. Renovation begins right after spring musical in mid-April, with planned completion by mid-September 2019.

*Athletic Facility Improvement

Starting this winter, work will begin to create three new locker rooms, renovate the existing locker rooms, and expand the current weight room area to create a better training and physical therapy space. A new 23,000 square foot fieldhouse also will be built to provide more useable space for athletic teams and PE classes. Planned completion is winter of 2019.


New Business

*Budget—the 2018-2019 PACA budget was voted on and approved.

*Bylaws Review—PACA’s bylaws and constitution are being reviewed and updated to reflect the current state of the organization, such as emphasizing that PACA is for guardians as well as parents of CA students. PACA’s meetings will now be called “Forums,” since they are an opportunity for discussion and interaction.

*Parent Groups—This year’s PACA presidents gave a brief introduction to the different parent groups that are available at CA:

Diversity & Community Life Committee—Offers planned events and discussion on specific topics throughout the year to explore and celebrate diversity at CA 

HOLA—Supports families and students of Hispanic/Latino descent (a flyer was passed out for Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration on Sunday, September 30 from 4:00pm-7:00pm in the Lazarus Courtyard)

MOSAIC—Supports families and students of African descent 

CAPSA—New group in 2018-2019 being formed to support families and students of Southeast Asian descent

SEED—Brings together CA parents and families interested in exploring more worldwide issues in diversity, inclusion, and multi-culturalism

*Communications—The PACA presidents gave a “tour” of the new PACA website, and showed how it can help parents quickly find what they need to engage with the school, from  details on school-wide activities to specific news feeds for each grade. They emphasized that the new website and blog are not intended to take the place of the Viking Voice or other school communications, but instead to provide an archive of key information that parents can easily access.  

The revamped website is a work in progress, so parents were given a heads-up that there may be some redundancies initially and adjustments required until everything is up and running. PACA is currently working on possible additional ways to enhance the privacy and security of the information presented. 

At the bottom of the home page are links to two ways parents can help support PACA’s many activities—Amazon Smile and Kroger Rewards.


*Charlie David Dinner—CA’s annual athletics fundraising dinner will be held on October 12 before the football game; includes a silent auction, raffle and fun events for the kids arranged by upper school students. Parents noted at the meeting that it was one of the most enjoyable events they had attended at CA.

*Kids-4-Kids—Donations of clothing, food, and toiletries are needed for CA’s schoolwide community service drive, to be held October 29-November 6, 2018. Volunteers also are needed to help sort and organize the donations. More information is available at:

*Viking Corner—CA’s school store is open for online sales, and is working on incorporating new merchandise and creating a direct shipping option for personalized alumni orders. The store needs volunteers; please email if you are interested. Also let the Viking Corner know if you would like to request the store be open during school-related events.

*Parent Education—A parent education series of speakers and events is being planned; more information to come soon. 

*CA Community Day/Viking Rampage—For Community Day on September 15, CA is hosting a wide range of activities surrounding the athletic events being held, including a tailgate party, crafts, balloon animals, and food trucks. The Viking Rampage fun run will be held that morning on a 5-mile course through the wooded part of CA’s campus. Volunteers are needed on September 14 and 15 to help with the event (including set up).

*Upper School Parent Night—September 6, 7:00-8:00pm

*Middle School Tailgate—September 14, 6:00pm

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Renee Proctor for being our “reporter” capturing these notes at the First PACA Parent Forum. If you’d like to contribute to our blog, please email us at 

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