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PACA 9th Grade – Adopt a Senior 01/20/2021


Dear 9th Grade Parents/Guardians,

The Class of 2021 has not had an ideal senior year. First Friday football games, Homecoming, Winfo, spending time with Kindergarten buddies…didn’t/won’t/can’t happen. So, it’s up to the CA community to come up with creative ideas to let them know we are thinking about them. Read on…

Introducing the Adopt a Senior Program:

What is it: A program developed to pair a Senior (adoptee) with a willing and eager family (adopter) that will shower them with cards, gifts, uplifting messages that show the student that you (the adopter) are thinking of them, encouraging them and supporting them.

Who Can Participate: If you are receiving this email, you can participate. Please be willing to begin the adoption journey shortly and see it through until your senior flies the CA coop in June

How to participate: Click HERE to start the adoption process!

General Rules and Guidelines

1. Each Adopter will be assigned one senior. Please select UP TO 5 seniors. ONE of those will be assigned to you. You can also request to be assigned a random senior. Rest assured, EVERY SENIOR WILL BE ADOPTED!

2. Once the adoptions are finalized, you will be emailed the name and an information sheet (filled out by the senior) that will help you get to know them better.

3. Although there is no minimum or maximum dollar amount to spend, it is expected that you show your senior some love. That can come in the form of notes, emails, cards, gift certificates, food items, college themed baskets, or hopefully a combination of any of these.

4. Throughout the remainder of this school year, we will send out dates that are significant to your adopted seniors. Use these to reach out and check on them. We will also throw in a theme week or two to help get the creative juices flowing.

5. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Jane Yakam (jyakam@me.com) or Molly Carlin (mwcarlin@me.com)

Thank you!!

Contacts and Links

US PACA Parents – Molly Carlin & Jane Yakam (Open MySchoolApp for contact information)
9th Grade PACA Parents – Cassandra Brigdon & Jennifer Golden (Open MySchoolApp for contact information)
Head of Upper School – Cory Izokitis
Dean of Upper School – Pascal Losambe
Dean of Studies – Craig Dow
Registrar – Jennifer Lange

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