(US12) Grade Coffee Notes

College Counseling Team’s comments:

  • Financial Aid Night: Tuesday, October 2nd at 7pm in the Schoedinger Theater. This is a joint program with CSG.
  • Seniors have been meeting with their college counselor every couple of weeks – these meetings are student-led and the students need to plan for each meeting.
  • Many colleges are visiting CA’s campus this fall– the college representatives who visit are often the ones who read the applications so it is important for seniors to attend.
  • Celebrate each and every college acceptance – even with safety schools, go to the websites and explore what each school has to offer.
  • When visiting schools, let the college counseling office know, email Cory Izokaitis, izokaitisc@columbusacademy.org (cc: Jennifer Lange, langej@columbusacademy.org), and inform the teachers – be mindful of work that will be missed.
  • Monday, October 2nd is a good college visiting day as there is no school
  • Parents should be checking Naviance – email Joan Young, youngj@columbusacademy.org if you need assistance.

Dr. Suzanne Ritter’s comments:

  • Having been the MS counselor for 17 years, Suzanne is happy to have transitioned to US this year.
  • Her newly remodeled office is in Parent’s Hall and she welcomes visitors.
  • In preparation for college, she stressed allowing for more independence – our kids need to learn to advocate for themselves and take ownership of their learning and decision making.
  • Allow for separation this year – it is a good sign when kids say, “I’ve got this!”

Craig Dow’s comments:

  • Drop/Add is officially over.
  • If your child has dropped or added a class, make sure the college counseling office has an updated academic course list.
  • Questions about courses are to be sent to Craig Dow at dowc@columbusacademy.org

Pascal Losambe’s comments:

  • Senior year brings a lot more freedom, but with this loosening of the reins the expectations are high for each senior to finish strong – colleges can and do remove acceptances as result of poor decision making.
  • Seniors are allowed to leave campus for an hour lunch – there is no limit to the number of times students can have lunch off campus, but this privilege can be revoked by Mr. Losambe if abused.
  • Permission forms must be signed by a parent before a student is allowed to begin to leave for lunch – these permission forms were given to students last week.
  • Students must sign out and sign in with Mr. Losambe each time they leave campus for lunch.

Cory Izokaitis’ comments:

  • Fall sports Senior Nights: dates have been posted.
  • Senior/Kindergarten Buddy Tailgate: Friday, October 19th before the Liberty Union Thurston football game – details to come.
  • US Exams: Friday, December 14th – Thursday, December 19th – these are the last exams the seniors will take at CA! Other than AP’s, there are no final exams for seniors in the spring.
  • Alumni Holiday Lunch: Friday, December 21st – the senior class is invited by the Alumni Association to the annual Alumni Holiday lunch downtown. This is not mandatory, but it is a fun, free event with speakers. Seniors are encouraged to dress up and attend.
  • Senior Lock-In: January 11th, 8pm – 7am Saturday. This is a very fun, all-night party at school, organized and run by faculty. Parents will be asked for help. Details forthcoming.
  • Senior Trip: Tuesday, March 12th – Thursday, March 14th before spring break. In partnership with the senior student council members, the school generates ideas for a location within driving distance and the class votes. Past trips have been to Chicago and Nashville. This trip is not mandatory, but it is a highlight of senior year.
  • Senior Projects: this is a time for students to embark on a project, explore a passion, or intern at a company. Senior projects begin in May after the last day of classes for seniors (May 3rd) and last for roughly 2 weeks. This year CA is working on offering a Life Skills class (balance a checkbook, change a tire). Taking this class would count as a senior project. A senior project meeting for students will be held in November. Stay tuned.
  • Last day of classes and the Final Bell: Friday, May 3rd
  • Prom: Saturday, May 4th
  • AP’s: take place during Senior Projects – students should be cognizant of what AP’s they are taking when committing to a senior project.
  • Honor’s Assembly and Family Reception: Friday, May 24th. This assembly is attended by the whole US and senior parents. Kindergarten buddies perform at the reception and a year-end senior video is shown. Baby pictures and senior pictures are needed so start planning!
  • Graduation Attire: Think early, shop early (even for boys). Clothing guidelines for graduation attire can be found in the US Student Handbook. When in doubt regarding style and cut, ask. Graduation dresses have been donated for a dress exchange. Information forthcoming.
  • Signing Days for Athletes: Stay tuned for dates.
  • Senior Tag: Cory stressed this is NOT a school sanctioned activity. It is completely voluntary, student run, and typically takes place the last 2 weeks of school.

Questions? Contact Cory at izokaitisc@columbusacademy.org.

There will be another 12th Grade coffee in the spring before senior projects.


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