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(US10) Grade News 10/22/2020



Freshman Class Parents,

Thank you for the wonderful response collecting donations. Truly appreciate it.

A reminder that this coming Monday (10/26) US head Cory Izokaitis will be hosting a zoom parent coffee for our class at 8:15am. Although she has an agenda, she welcomes you to submit any questions or concerns you may have to her via email at izokaitisc. Please do so as soon as possible so she has adequate time to prepare.

Thank you, and as always, feel free to reach out to us with anything.

Contacts and Links

US PACA Parents – Molly Carlin & Jane Yakam (Open MySchoolApp for contact information)
10th Grade PACA Parents -Andrea Gross & Monika Arora (Open MySchoolApp for contact information)
Head of Upper School – Cory Izokitis
Dean of Upper School – Pascal Losambe
Dean of Studies – Craig Dow
Registrar – Jennifer Lange

Upper School Staff profiles/contact information