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News, information and resources for the Parents Association of the Columbus Academy.

About PACA 

The Parents' Association of Columbus Academy (PACA) is the organization for all parents of students at Columbus Academy.  If you have a child who is a student at CA, then YOU ARE A MEMBER.   

The purposes of the Parents' Association of Columbus Academy (PACA) are fourfold: to foster close relationships among all members of the CA community; to encourage support of the work of the trustees, administration and faculty of the school in achieving its goals; to serve as a channel of communication between members of the Association and the trustees, administration and faculty of the school; and to sponsor activities that promote the quality of school life.  

PACA, under the direction of its Executive Board, organizes fundraising activities throughout the year to provide grants to school programs.  Members of PACA also work in concert with faculty to enhance communication between the school and the community at large.  Additionally, there are a multitude of events sponsored by the Association during the year.  PACA welcomes and encourages all parents to be involved;  If you are a parent at CA, you are part of PACA!  Not sure what you want to do?  Send an email to Heather Geiger or Claudia Walter, our PACA Co-Presidents, or our Volunteer Coordinator Teresa Bowman.   You can also find information and updates on PACA’s website,, its Facebook page, Parents' Association of Columbus Academy - PACA, and in the Viking Voice.